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Reducing web presence... because I really suck at it.

Trying to keep up social media is a drain... I mean, that shit's supposed to be fun, right? But, we've discussed it, and it's just not doable right now. I have too much shit going on and I want to focus on writing and my editing and business collaberation with my friend at Cluttered Mind Press. Timon has a life... and porn.

That's why he's keeping up with his account on the new Tumblr alternative (newtumbl.com). Since I've switched us over to Google sites, I don't think I can link directly to his account (very porny), so just search 'timonruhl.' You can't miss him. Just look for all the cocks.

Our Twitters, Facebooks, etc will stay active(ish). The best way to keep up is to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Amazon.

And, be sure to keep up with us. I think I've found an online store who will sell Timon's stuff--since Amazon won't go near most of it. Fingers crossed.

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