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Weekend with my uncle

Hunter’s stepdad has to leave on a job for the weekend and drops him off with his uncle. Things are pretty strange from the beginning.
His Uncle Billy is in a motel room with a friend, and they do things to Hunter that he’d never dreamed of… and this is just the beginning.

Down on the farm

When Dylan's step dad gets a call from Dylan's coach that he was caught in a compromising position in the gym shower, Dylan's afraid their relationship will never be the same. And was he ever right.

My Best Friend's Secret

Hunter hadn't seen his best friend in five years and they go out to celebrate. After a disastrous night at the club, they come home worked up. Instead of making a booty call, James has a better idea. Why go for take-out when there's talent in the upstairs bedroom?

Blackmailing Stepdad

He had way too much school work to do, so he decided to go home for Spring Break. Plenty of time to work and score some browny points with his mother. But, when he gets there, she’s out of town… and some other woman is in his stepfather’s bed. Blackmail time.

Stepdad's Poker Night

Chris is trying to be responsible and finish his college applications, but the noise from his stepfather's poker game is making that difficult. When his stepdad yells for a few more beers, Chris is frustrated enough that he mouths off. Not the smartest thing he's ever done -- HIs stepfather's never shied away from spanking him, but Chris thought there was no way he'd do it in front of all his poker buddies. The spanking leads everyone taking a turn with him.That's when he realizes he'd been offered as the door-prize before he'd even walked into the room.

RepayingStepdad 1

Bruce wrecked his father's truck and has no way to pay for it. His stepfather, Jim, is tired of Bruce and his younger brother freeloading and stumbles onto a plan one night when he and his friend get smashed during a football game. The boys are going to learn their lesson, and Jim will get his truck repaired, one way or another.

Roadtrip with Stepdad

Thinking he was safe from repercussions, Jonathan came out to his step-father right before he was dropped off for college. That would give his parents three months to adjust to it before he was home for Christmas. What could possibly go wrong? And what could go very, very right...

Helping Stepdad

Jordan is suspended from school. A kid called him "faggot", so he decked the guy. Unfortunately, his week of forced vacation has to be spent helping his injured dad. But, after helping Dad out in the bathroom, he and his dad start to think the kid might have been right.

Anniversary Invaders

Ryan wanted to celebrate his fifth anniversary at home with his husband, Joe. The remodel on their new house was done, including the playroom in the basement that he hoped to break in. That all changed when two strangers knocked on the door. Should he fight the intruders or go along and hope they leave when they finished what they came for? Before the next twenty-four hours were over, Ryan's expectations, and other things, were stretched to their limits

Abuse of Power 1

For a long time my old partner and I had a good thing going. We took advantage of our power over the seedier parts of the city, and used it to... I'll just say, to our advantage.But when Alan was transferred and I was assigned a new partner straight out of the Academy, that came to a screeching halt. One night I missed the perks too much and thought I could sneak a little fun in without him knowing. He found out.

Owned By Contractors

Chad's mom and dad are called out of town, and he's left in charge of the workmen who are there to redo their kitchen. When they walk in Monday morning and find him passed out in the den with gay porn playing, he realizes he's in for a long week.

Owned by my boss

On a business trip to Chicago, Mason's boss walks in just as the hot bellboy is about to slide inside him. So, when his boss starts having trouble with his gold-digging wife, he decides to take his frustration out on Mason.

Just want me--free short story

The Emperor's new Clothes

A simple tailor and scam artist, Ulrich is faced with his most powerful client yet. But, his partner, Hugo, wants to use this opportunity to pull off the biggest scam of their career.Hugo's brazenness will lead to their being impaled - either with a sword or with... well, you can probably guess. To pull this off, they'll need help from an unlikely source.

Little Red

The day is bright and sunny and Max is off to his friend's house for brunch. A man he meets along the way has other ideas.When Max arrives at his friend's house, the man's beat him there and his friend is tied up in the bedroom. Will the wolf have his way or will a brave woodsman come to the rescue?

2017 Erotica compilation

All 11 stories published in 2017

mardi gras exhibitionist

John arrived in New Orleans the morning before Mardi Gras and was relaxing before the thirty-six hour marathon of partying. Instead, he was mesmerized by Paulo and the day became a marathon of sex... culminating in a public display on a balcony over Bourbon Street.

Isle of the dead

Coleman just wants to take a break from work and enjoy his new yacht with a group of Speedo clad guys and an open bar. The undead have other ideas in this classic short story made really dirty.