Emperor's New Clothes

A hot new twist on an old classic

A simple tailor and scam artist, Ulrich is faced with his most powerful client yet. But, his partner, Hugo, wants to use this opportunity to pull off the biggest scam of their career.

Hugo's brazenness will lead to their being impaled - either with a sword or with... well, you can probably guess. To pull this off, they'll need help from an unlikely source.

“Just mornin’ wood.” He gestured toward the messenger. “He’s a man. He knows.”

The huge man didn’t even look at it. “Indeed.” He handed the scroll to someone behind him.

“Cover yourself, and I will take you to His Majesty.”

Hugo looked around, confused.

“But, we can’t just leave our things here,” I said. The few tools of our trade stood pushed against the wall beside the door; a loom, a sack of wool, and a leather pouch with my needles, thread, and lubricating oil.

The soldier’s lip curled with derision. “We will send someone to fetch your things.” He mumbled as he turned from the door, “Probably a refuse man.”

I shrugged. Couldn’t blame him.