Down on the Farm

Dylan's stepdad got a call from the coach that changed both their lives.

Dylan's dad decides to teach him a few things after finding out that Dylan got caught sucking a dick in the shower at school.

Dad had moved on. “I’ll get someone for you. Maybe that blond dude needs work and will come back through. But, in the meantime, try to keep that stuff at home. Like I told you about drinking. I don’t care if you have a beer ever now and then as long as it’s here… same thing. Not that you need to be ashamed, but I don’t want to get another call from the coach.”

I felt sad all of a sudden. The darkness outside the door felt stifling instead of liberating.

“What’s wrong?” Dad asked.

“Well, there’s always a beer in the fridge if I want it. But there’s not always a…” I trailed off, suddenly uncomfortable again.

“Look, I know.” He shifted on the bale, causing it to rock a little. “But, fuck, I’d rather you chew on mine now and then rather than get caught in the shower.

My eyes darted from the door to his crotch.

“I… but…” he spluttered as he tried to backtrack.

I didn’t say anything, not because I wanted to make him uncomfortable or was even considering what he’d said. I was just fascinated as his cock lengthened down his leg, making it look like he’d stuck a pipe in his jeans. I was finally seeing it hard, and it was my gaze making it that way. It felt powerful.

“I mean, obviously, you wouldn’t want to.” He was still stammering.

I just watched his cock.

The next time he spoke, his voice had the same growl Frank’s had. “Would you?”

I put our relationship out of my mind. For the moment, he was nothing but a big dick that I’d been fascinated with for years.

Not sure I’d ever get the chance again, I slid to my knees on the dirt floor. The smooth denim of his jeans set my nerves on fire as I rested my hands on the inside of his thighs and pushed them apart.

He sucked in a breath as I slid my hand farther up his thigh and squeezed the outline of his concealed shaft.

If he’d kicked me over, or even backed away, the spell would have been broken and I would have understood. But, he didn’t.

He leaned back and propped himself up with his arms behind him. His face looked unsure, but his body was wide open.

I didn’t want to be too bold, so I rubbed it through his jeans for another minute. Then Dad’s legs started to move. He was getting restless.

“If you’re going to do it, get to work.” The rumble in his voice sent shock waves from my head to my cock. It was almost the same rumble I’d heard when I was in trouble as a child, but the slight difference almost made me cream my jeans.