My Best Friend's Secret

When Hunter found out about his friend's step-brother's talents...

Hunter hadn't seen his best friend in five years and they go out to celebrate. After a disastrous night at the club, they come home worked up. Instead of making a booty call, James has a better idea. Why go for take-out when there's talent in the upstairs bedroom?

We’d been inseparable through junior high and high school, occasionally letting James’ little stepbrother, Brendan, hang with us. But he was a year younger, and in high school years, that was an eternity. So, it was usually the two of us, riding dirt-bikes, camping, sneaking beers, and watching his dad’s porn. To this day, hearing the little plastic door of an antique VCR makes my dick twitch.

When James’ family moved away our senior year, it felt like someone had died. We kept in touch, but it wasn’t the same. Then, five years later when I was traveling around looking at grad schools, I finally visited him and we’d picked up right where we’d left off.

“We don’t need Dad’s stash anymore,” James said, breaking me out of my memories. He reached for the tablet on the coffee table. “I have my own now.”

He tapped the screen a few times and the huge television went blank. A logo for a porn studio blazed across the screen.

“Progress,” he said reaching for the bong again.