Repaying Stepdad Series

Jim wanted an outlet for his anger... and his dick. Good thing his son's ass was available.

He looked down at the red stripes forming on the muscled, white ass. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Frank adjust his crotch. He couldn’t even rib him about it because his cock had started to grow too.

“Get your balls out of the way,” he told Bruce. “I want grandkids one day and don’t want to hit them.”

Bruce hesitated for a second before he reached down and pulled his cock and balls under him.

Without those hanging in the way, Jim decided Frank had definitely been right. If that ass had been on a woman, he’d have buried his cock as far as it would go. He glanced over and it looked like Frank had stuck a pipe in his underwear. He decided that even though he had a hard-on too, he still wanted to fuck with Frank.

He dropped his hand down and ran it over the smooth, marked skin. “Damn,” he said, trying to sound casual. “These welts are hotter than the rest. That’s weird. Frank, come feel this.”

“I… I’m good,” Frank stammered.

Jim smacked Bruce’s ass with his palm, leaving a bright handprint to go with the red stripes. “Oh, hell, Frank. Just come feel.”

Frank didn’t protest again, he stepped out of the doorway into the room and tentatively ran his fingertips over the smooth skin. His other hand adjusted his cock.

“You know what?” Jim asked.

Frank couldn’t take his eyes or hand off Bruce’s ass. “No. What?”

Jim sat on the bed beside his son. Bruce tried to get up and Jim pushed him back down. “We ain’t even close to finished.” He slapped Bruce’s ass cheek with his palm.

“For years now, I’ve heard slurping and moaning sounds coming from this room. Those walls are pretty fucking thin. For a while, I thought it was my boys beating their meat together—because that’s what boys do. But, I started to suspect that there might have been a little more to it.”

Bruce squirmed and Frank looked up.

“What do you mean,” Frank asked.

“I’m about to find out.” Jim smacked the back of Bruce’s head. “I think you been sucking your brother’s cock for years now.” Bruce tried to push himself off the bed, but Jim moved to a better position and held him down. “Is it true? You and your brother been polishing each other’s knobs?”

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