Roadtrip with Stepdad

If he'd have known coming out to his family would be like this...

Road Trip:

Thinking he was safe from repercussions, Jonathan came out to his step-father right before he was dropped off for college. That would give his parents three months to adjust to it before he was home for Christmas. What could possibly go wrong? And what could go very, very right...

Finding Dad's Present:

Justin's Freshman year is going great! He has a hot boyfriend named Lucas, and his cute roommate, Hector, is interested in learning about sex. Lucas and Justin decide to teach him. When they find out Hector's into older men, Justin knows exactly what he's going to give his stepdad for Christmas.

My step-dad’s knuckles were so white on the steering wheel they almost glowed. “So, then to you have a… boyfriend?”

I sighed and looked out at the blackness on the side of the highway. Trees on the side of the highway flicked in and out of the headlights. As glad as I was that he was taking the news so well, that wasn’t the first question I’d expected.

“No, of course not.” I didn’t turn away from the window. I didn’t want to tell him it wasn’t for lack of trying.

The car was silent for the next ten minutes, and I’d never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

Dad was driving me to college, and we’d been on the road for two days. I figured that when I wouldn’t have to see him or Mom for at least three months would be a good time to drop the bombshell that I was gay. It would give them time to get used to the idea without me having to see the tears or answer a million questions. I should have waited until we were closer to school. Cruising down the highway at midnight, things could have gone really bad.

Maybe I should just stay at school over the winter break, I thought.

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