abuse of power

Ryan wanted to celebrate his fifth anniversary at home with his husband, Joe. The remodel on their new house was done, including the playroom in the basement that he hoped to break in. That all changed when two strangers knocked on the door. Should he fight the intruders or go along and hope they leave when they finished what they came for? Before the next twenty-four hours were over, Ryan's expectations, and other things, were stretched to their limits

anniversary invaders

For a long time my old partner and I had a good thing going. We took advantage of our power over the seedier parts of the city, and used it to... I'll just say, to our advantage.But when Alan was transferred and I was assigned a new partner straight out of the Academy, that came to a screeching halt. One night I missed the perks too much and thought I could sneak a little fun in without him knowing. He found out.