Anniversary Invaders

Ryan wanted to celebrate his fifth anniversary at home with his husband, Joe. The remodel on their new house was done, including the playroom in the basement that he hoped to break in. That all changed when two strangers knocked on the door.

A tugging on the ropes around my legs caused me to twist my head around and see Hank naked and holding a knife. We'd been moved from the open floor to the cell. I was beyond regretting fulfilling our fantasy of building a dungeon.

Joe shifted under me. Well, at least he’s awake and ok, I thought.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Hank said, leering at us.

I grunted around the gag, jaws aching from being held open all night. Dried saliva felt weird on my cheek.

“I’m cutting you free so you two can shower and clean up,” Hank continued. “We spent part of the night going through your video collection, so I think we’ve figured out what most of the things down here are for. You have a long day ahead of you.”

I squirmed and swung my legs, trying to kick Hank, who just backed up a foot and chuckled.

“There’s no need for that. You’re under our control.” He reached out and gently squeezed my ass. “Every bit of you, so you might as well just do what we say. Then everything will be ok and you can get back to your usual—” He looked around at the toys before continuing, “—or unusual life.”