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Out now! Did you love Jordan sucking his dad off for the first time? Then you're going to love watching him lose his virginity.

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Helping Stepdad: Part 1

Jordan is suspended from school. A kid called him "faggot", so he decked the guy. Unfortunately, his week of forced vacation has to be spent helping his injured dad. But, after helping Dad out in the bathroom, he and his dad start to think the kid might have been right.

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Owned by Contractors: Day 1

Chad's mom and dad are called out of town, and he's left in charge of the workmen who are there to redo their kitchen. When they walk in Monday morning and find him passed out in the den with gay porn playing, he realizes he's in for a long week.

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Owned by my Boss: 1

On a business trip to Chicago, Mason's boss walks in just as the hot bellboy is about to slide inside him. So, when his boss starts having trouble with his gold-digging wife, he decides to take his frustration out on Mason.

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